Brunch in the Boken: The Hoboken Gourmet Company


The fun & industrial tables @ HGC

It’s Saturday! With so much to do in Hoboken on this gorrrrgeous day, you definitely need to fuel yourself with some yummy eats. A brunch spot that is super cute and totally worth the wait (since it’s a small place) is the Hoboken Gourmet Company.

Upon walking in, you may feel a tad claustrophobic, as it is has an English basement feel (low ceilings, staircase down). However, it is a great little spot with delicious dishes.

My brunch date and I ordered eggs- which we both thoroughly enjoyed.


The twin omelettes we both ordered…I know, boring.

Unfortunately, we were both craving a spinach and cheese omelette, so I can’t give you too much variety from the menu with this post… But here’s a quick pic of the egg selection on the menu:


As you can tell, lots to choose from. I have also tried the Eggs Provençal before (with smoked salmon), and it is ohh so good.

While we waited for our eggs, there was no shortage of things to do. I used to love coloring and playing games at restaurants when I was younger, so this suited me perfectly:


…Conversation Starters!

There are a bunch of laminated tiles (right next to fresh flowers at each table), making the HGC a great breakfast/brunch spot to bring an actual date or random chick that slept over the night before (that you actually want to get to know).

Questions included:


Needless to say, my date and I were busy chatting until way after our food got there.

One drawback to Hoboken Gourmet Company? No breakky mimosas or Mary’s .. But they do have delicious fresh-squeezed OJ.

For dessert, we split a banana crepe (yes- they have crepes)!!


Now while I’d say the crepes were good, our waitress definitely got a little whipped cream-happy on us. But that’s not the worst problem in the world to have, I guess.

Overall, the Hoboken Gourmet Company is an excellent choice for brunch. They have wonderful egg selections, crepes, fresh squeezed OJ, desserts, and coffee. It’s a great place to sit and chat on a date, but also a fantastic place to quickly grab a cup of coffee and a muffin. The space is a little tight, but the food is worth the squeeze!

Check out HGC at 423 Washington Street. In the summer, there’s also outdoor seating!

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The Friday Five

By now, you must be used to this. If not, check out my past Friday Five posts and try to figure out what I’m doing with this. That’s all I’m giving you.


1. Complete Acupressure Mat by Nayoya Wellness. Now, I cannot fully endorse this since I haven’t tried it yet myself. But I did order it from Amazon! It’s a yoga-mat-type-thing but instead of soft relaxing padding, you have spiky acupuncture protrusions (what else could I call them?) that help relieve pain in your back and neck. Kind of like acupuncture itself…but for a one time fee of $36 rather than $100+ per session.


Image via

2. Cupcakes from Baked by Melissa in NYC. I know, I know, it’s not based in Hoboken. But HOW amazing is this place? I’ve been here dozens of times in the city, but after a friend brought a box of these mini cupcakes to a picnic at Elysian Park this weekend, I knew I just had to reiterate how great they were. Each cupcake is a mere 40 calories, which makes it the perfect indulgence that won’t break the calorie bank! I recommend the PB&J cupcake or the Oreo. But every single one is amazing.


Image via

3. The Possessionista Fashion Blog. I follow the Possessionista’s twitter religiously on Monday nights (when the Bachelor/Bachelorette is on). Besides being an awesome fashion detective (she will find anything you see on TV that you want to find in a store or online!), she is also hilariously funny and sarcastic when it comes to the ridiculousness that is ABC’s Bachelor/Bachelorette. But Twitter or not, make sure to check out her website here.


4. Experia Socks with Thorlo Pads. These are sold at Nordstrom’s for around $15, but I found them at the Secaucus Marshalls for $5.99. Amazeballs. The best part is that when you put them on, it feels like you’re wearing pillows on your feet. So wonderful.


5. dear hannah, – the new boutique located in Hoboken.
I just love it at dear hannah, (yes with lowercase letters and a comma). I’ll post more about this soon – but just wanted to give the store a shout-out.

Such adorable clothes and affordable prices. And Hannah is the sweetest.


That’s it for my Friday Five rant. Happy weekend!

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Adoptable (Back in Black) Hoboken Pets of the Week: Nola and Angel

Black cats and dogs everywhere are donning their dark glasses and engaging their “flashy things” to wipe out the myths and stereotypes regarding black animals in this national Back in Black adoption campaign.  Between May 1 and May 31, Liberty Humane is featuring adoptable black dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

Throughout the month, they’ll also be offering 50% off of adoption fees for all black cats and dogs.

“Even though they do make wonderful pets with great personalities, black dogs and cats are often overlooked for adoption, but why is that? After all, the color of a pet’s fur has no relationship to their ability to provide unconditional love, companionship and devotion,” said Irene Borngraeber.  “True it can be a bit of a challenge getting a good photo of a black cat or dog—all the more reason to come meet them at Liberty Humane Society and find out what makes our pets in black special.”

So here I present to you two black beauties that need loving Hoboken homes:


“My owner surrendered me because of allergies. I don’t know what allergies are but I didn’t like it one bit. A petite & playful elfin feline, I am just a year old so I still have my kitten playful side.  In fact, I love playing with just about anyone and anything!  I’d make a perfect companion for children and other cats of any age. I am also a big chatterbox. I’ll make sure to speak up to get your attention anytime I want to play, eat, or just snuggle.

Even though I am quite active, that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate crawling into a human’s lap for some affection. I would be a perfect companion for busy household with lots of guests.  I don’t shy away from meeting anyone and would relish the opportunity to socialize with new visitors.”


My name is Angel and I live up to my name!  I arrived at the shelter in bad shape with a bad abscess on my neck from a wound that wasn’t treated.  The people at LHS took good care of me and now I feel much better although I still have a few leftover scars.

I love everyone, even the most unusual of strangers, and relish being petted and massaged.  I can be very playful, love toys, and will give them up easily for a tasty treat.  I am a little uncomfortable with some handling (paws).  I guard my food, so Ill need a patient, experienced adopter who can work with me on this.  Due to this, I should be in an experienced household with teens and up.

I’m not particularly interested in other dogs, but I am polite and appropriate when meeting them.  I’m really more of a people-centric pooch.”

A volunteer that comes to visit Angel at the shelter says:

“Angel is one of my favs and one of two dogs at LHS that has actually brought me to tears.  She is so timid and scared in the kennel that she usually won’t even stand in her cage, but when you walk up to her and talk sweet, her tail lets you know the spirit that remains unbroken.  Once outside, away from the stress of the shelter and perhaps her “past life,” Angel’s true soul can been seen.  She jumps up and down with the energy of a puppy, as if she’s been waiting her whole life to finally be happy.  Anyone who’s spent time with this sweet girl, knows exactly what I mean.  If anyone is looking to truly “rescue” a dog, Angel would be my first choice.”

Liberty Humane Society is a participating member of the No More Homeless Pets® Network, a program of Best Friends Animal Society, which offers help and support to animal rescue groups that save lives in their communities.

To meet Liberty Humane’s ebony charmers (and more) visit!

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Hoboken Fashion Find: Jewels and Accessories at Aaraa Boutique

I just wanted to post about some beautiful finds at Aaraa boutique as of late. Like I’ve posted about in the past, Aaraa’s owner, Neeta, gets her merchandise straight from India! It has a very southeast Asian feel, with a modern twist.

I’m loving this ornate pendant:It kind of looks like a crater or the moon’s surface! So unique and different. And you definitely won’t find it anywhere else in Hoboken – since everything’s authentically Indian and just about one of a kind.

This “Pea” Necklace is also a beautiful and unique long chain gold necklace. Gold is in right now (even more than silver, although I love my silver Yurman), so it’s the perfect addition to any jewelry collection (plus it has mini pops of color – pastel, but still a bit of color pops).

Last but not least, I give you some gold-plated neon clutches. Although these are also directly from India, they are contemporary yet mixed with a vintage-y feel. For more information on Aaraa, check out my write up here.

Make sure to check out Aaraa Boutique, located at 408 6th Street for these and other gorgeous and detailed pieces. Aaraa also offers 15% off to Hoboken Girl readers…so make sure you say “HOBOKEN GIRL” at checkout!

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Hoboken Girl’s Guide to Weekend Events: May 17th Edition

Alicia from Hoboken Townery is bringing you this weekend’s events – lots of great things to do in Hoboken if you’re around. The weather’s been fantastic, and hopefully it continues through the weekend!


1. Thursday night is Old School Trivia at Mulligan’s hosted by Trivia AD. It starts at 8pm. Just don’t streak through the [Steven’s] quad after some drinks…


2. Looking to meet other Hobokenites? Join Hoboken Social Sandbox’s New Member Happy Hour on Friday starting at 8pm at Trinity


3. Want to see the art that Hoboken has to offer? This Sunday join the Hoboken Monthly Gallery Walk at the local galleries from 2-6pm.


4. There’s an awesome Bruce Springsteen cover band, Tramps Like Us, playing Wicked Wolf on Friday. Here are the deets:


Image via Sassy Signs

5. Saturday afternoon head over the Church Square Park for the 3rd Annual Citywide Yard Sale and Flea Market. I cannot wait for this!!


6. If you have the cutest baby in town (or not), you can join Hoboken’s Baby Parade on Sunday at Sinatra Park. Deets here:


Image via google

7. Next Tuesday, May 22nd at 7pm, head to 10th and Willow for the Hoboken Homeless Shelter’s annual fundraiser called the “Spare a Square.” Make sure to bring some toilet paper with you – they’re collecting TP for the shelter and you get some drink deals if you do! (Spare a square…pun intended. Thanks, Seinfeld.)


8. Hoboken’s Couple Meetup group is having a picnic at Pier A this weekend. Check out details here:


9. Biggie’s Clam Bar’s Grand Opening Weekend will kick off today at 11am with a ribbon cutting ceremony. BCB will feature live music and drink specials throughout the weekend:

  • James T and Life Speed perform on Thursday May 17 at 10 pm. Enjoy $2 Miller Lites all night.
  • On Friday night, Cat Lingo performs at 10 pm; patrons can enjoy Belevedere and Chandon drink specials all night.
  • On Saturday Night, May 19, DJ Gary W plays the top 40 and other hits starting at 10 pm. Enjoy specials on Grey Goose drinks, martinis and shots all night.
  • Looks like you can have a nice little bender at the new Biggie’s this weekend! Congrats on the 2nd location, guys!


So much to do!! What will you be doing this weekend? Want your events included?

Comment below, email me, or tweet me the event: @hobokengirlblog

…And guess what?? Tomorrow’s Friiiiday 🙂

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Hoboken Photo of the Day: Shipyard Marina

On a recent photo walk, I snagged this photo on the water:

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Trader Joe’s Coming to Jersey City (SO Close to Hoboken)…Life. Is. Complete.

I told you that I was on a mission to get Trader Joe’s to Hoboken. Not taking alllll the credit, but the Boken did report yesterday that Trader Joe’s is, indeed, coming to Jersey City. Hey, it’s not replacing the A&P, but I’ll take it. Maybe it’s all my tweeting and blogging of Trader Joe’s food pics on Instagram that I do day in and day out.

Here’s the map of its location. As you can see, soooo incredibly close to Hoboken. Basically right near the Target. It’s almost as good as being IN Hoboken. WOOOP.

Image via

Just as a recap, in case you forgot my steadfast dedication to the Hoboken Trader Joe’s Mission: I’m posting some of my Trader Joe’s favorites (that you soon will be able to purchase in a more timely fashion {without having to travel to Edgewater} too). ENJOY!

PS: Find me on Instagram for live picture updates: @hobokengirl


Spring Rolls


Pita Chips…


Edamame Hummus


A Breakfast Staple

Sesame Honey Almonds… My Jam

But I digress. What are some of YOUR favorite TJ’s staples that you can’t wait to snag?

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