Liberty Humane Society – Setting the Record Straight. Plus, Introducing Manny.

Being a longtime supporter and advocate of the Liberty Humane Society, I just wanted to show my support for the LHS organization by clearing up the miscommunications about its animal outcomes. Liberty Humane Society is a shelter located in Jersey City that serves both JC and Hoboken. Weekly, I post on HobokenGirl about dogs and cats that are available for adoption from LHS.

It has been reported that the Liberty Humane Society only keeps dogs for 7 days and then kills them. This allegation is just plain FALSE.

Knowing several volunteers as well as being in contact with Liberty Humane Society on a weekly basis, I can personally vouch for the organization being kind, caring, and absolutely 100% committed to finding the best possible homes for each and every animal that is lucky enough to come through their shelter. They do not kill animals after 7 days. I repeat, they DO NOT kill animals after 7 days.

LHS sponsors and promotes numerous events to raise money for their shelter, and its volunteers actively promote pet adoption DAILY on both their Twitter and Facebook. Check out those pages and make sure to follow LHS!

Here is a video from a Hoboken town council meeting (thanks MSV for finding this) explaining the situation at LHS further. Check it out (also note, the girl speaking is not on camera) :

Since I’m on my soapbox already, I might as well promote a very special pup from LHS – a long time resident – further proving the point that LHS DOES NOT kill after 7 days of having an animal. Manny is an example of this.

Check out one of his loving volunteer’s story about him:

“I’m a volunteer with a shelter in northern New Jersey. Manny has become my project dog.  Manny will “celebrate” his one year anniversary with Liberty Humane Society this summer.  The good news is that he’s been at True Companion Dog Training the past four months and received a stellar education! He is well trained, fattened up and the HAPPIEST dog! I had hoped he might find a forever home in the wilderness but the bad news is that Manny is still searching for that special place. It is time for Manny to return to NJ

Manny needs to go to a foster home. He is such a good boy and deserves more…if anyone is interested in fostering him please call me and we will offer full training support. We were hoping by keeping him here we would be able to place him, but unfortunately we have been unsuccessful. We love him and if we did not have so many dogs currently would take him for our own. Give Manny a chance; you will not be disappointed.”

Here is a little more information about Manny:

Manny has been at the shelter since August. Check out his pet finder profile here, and make sure to consider a place for him in your home!


Manny at LHS:

Says Manny’s Volunteer Friend, Ines: I will transport him, I will help with food and supplies.  Short of fostering or adopting him myself, I will do anything for this dog.

To reach Manny’s favorite volunteer, please contact me and I’ll put you in touch with her:

…Thanks Hoboken!


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