Brunch in the Boken: The Hoboken Gourmet Company


The fun & industrial tables @ HGC

It’s Saturday! With so much to do in Hoboken on this gorrrrgeous day, you definitely need to fuel yourself with some yummy eats. A brunch spot that is super cute and totally worth the wait (since it’s a small place) is the Hoboken Gourmet Company.

Upon walking in, you may feel a tad claustrophobic, as it is has an English basement feel (low ceilings, staircase down). However, it is a great little spot with delicious dishes.

My brunch date and I ordered eggs- which we both thoroughly enjoyed.


The twin omelettes we both ordered…I know, boring.

Unfortunately, we were both craving a spinach and cheese omelette, so I can’t give you too much variety from the menu with this post… But here’s a quick pic of the egg selection on the menu:


As you can tell, lots to choose from. I have also tried the Eggs Provençal before (with smoked salmon), and it is ohh so good.

While we waited for our eggs, there was no shortage of things to do. I used to love coloring and playing games at restaurants when I was younger, so this suited me perfectly:


…Conversation Starters!

There are a bunch of laminated tiles (right next to fresh flowers at each table), making the HGC a great breakfast/brunch spot to bring an actual date or random chick that slept over the night before (that you actually want to get to know).

Questions included:


Needless to say, my date and I were busy chatting until way after our food got there.

One drawback to Hoboken Gourmet Company? No breakky mimosas or Mary’s .. But they do have delicious fresh-squeezed OJ.

For dessert, we split a banana crepe (yes- they have crepes)!!


Now while I’d say the crepes were good, our waitress definitely got a little whipped cream-happy on us. But that’s not the worst problem in the world to have, I guess.

Overall, the Hoboken Gourmet Company is an excellent choice for brunch. They have wonderful egg selections, crepes, fresh squeezed OJ, desserts, and coffee. It’s a great place to sit and chat on a date, but also a fantastic place to quickly grab a cup of coffee and a muffin. The space is a little tight, but the food is worth the squeeze!

Check out HGC at 423 Washington Street. In the summer, there’s also outdoor seating!

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