The Friday Five

By now, you must be used to this. If not, check out my past Friday Five posts and try to figure out what I’m doing with this. That’s all I’m giving you.


1. Complete Acupressure Mat by Nayoya Wellness. Now, I cannot fully endorse this since I haven’t tried it yet myself. But I did order it from Amazon! It’s a yoga-mat-type-thing but instead of soft relaxing padding, you have spiky acupuncture protrusions (what else could I call them?) that help relieve pain in your back and neck. Kind of like acupuncture itself…but for a one time fee of $36 rather than $100+ per session.


Image via

2. Cupcakes from Baked by Melissa in NYC. I know, I know, it’s not based in Hoboken. But HOW amazing is this place? I’ve been here dozens of times in the city, but after a friend brought a box of these mini cupcakes to a picnic at Elysian Park this weekend, I knew I just had to reiterate how great they were. Each cupcake is a mere 40 calories, which makes it the perfect indulgence that won’t break the calorie bank! I recommend the PB&J cupcake or the Oreo. But every single one is amazing.


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3. The Possessionista Fashion Blog. I follow the Possessionista’s twitter religiously on Monday nights (when the Bachelor/Bachelorette is on). Besides being an awesome fashion detective (she will find anything you see on TV that you want to find in a store or online!), she is also hilariously funny and sarcastic when it comes to the ridiculousness that is ABC’s Bachelor/Bachelorette. But Twitter or not, make sure to check out her website here.


4. Experia Socks with Thorlo Pads. These are sold at Nordstrom’s for around $15, but I found them at the Secaucus Marshalls for $5.99. Amazeballs. The best part is that when you put them on, it feels like you’re wearing pillows on your feet. So wonderful.


5. dear hannah, – the new boutique located in Hoboken.
I just love it at dear hannah, (yes with lowercase letters and a comma). I’ll post more about this soon – but just wanted to give the store a shout-out.

Such adorable clothes and affordable prices. And Hannah is the sweetest.


That’s it for my Friday Five rant. Happy weekend!


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Just a brunette with straight hair, leather boots, and a Louis Vuitton...and a love for the Mile Square City.
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