Adoptable (Back in Black) Hoboken Pets of the Week: Nola and Angel

Black cats and dogs everywhere are donning their dark glasses and engaging their “flashy things” to wipe out the myths and stereotypes regarding black animals in this national Back in Black adoption campaign.  Between May 1 and May 31, Liberty Humane is featuring adoptable black dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

Throughout the month, they’ll also be offering 50% off of adoption fees for all black cats and dogs.

“Even though they do make wonderful pets with great personalities, black dogs and cats are often overlooked for adoption, but why is that? After all, the color of a pet’s fur has no relationship to their ability to provide unconditional love, companionship and devotion,” said Irene Borngraeber.  “True it can be a bit of a challenge getting a good photo of a black cat or dog—all the more reason to come meet them at Liberty Humane Society and find out what makes our pets in black special.”

So here I present to you two black beauties that need loving Hoboken homes:


“My owner surrendered me because of allergies. I don’t know what allergies are but I didn’t like it one bit. A petite & playful elfin feline, I am just a year old so I still have my kitten playful side.  In fact, I love playing with just about anyone and anything!  I’d make a perfect companion for children and other cats of any age. I am also a big chatterbox. I’ll make sure to speak up to get your attention anytime I want to play, eat, or just snuggle.

Even though I am quite active, that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate crawling into a human’s lap for some affection. I would be a perfect companion for busy household with lots of guests.  I don’t shy away from meeting anyone and would relish the opportunity to socialize with new visitors.”


My name is Angel and I live up to my name!  I arrived at the shelter in bad shape with a bad abscess on my neck from a wound that wasn’t treated.  The people at LHS took good care of me and now I feel much better although I still have a few leftover scars.

I love everyone, even the most unusual of strangers, and relish being petted and massaged.  I can be very playful, love toys, and will give them up easily for a tasty treat.  I am a little uncomfortable with some handling (paws).  I guard my food, so Ill need a patient, experienced adopter who can work with me on this.  Due to this, I should be in an experienced household with teens and up.

I’m not particularly interested in other dogs, but I am polite and appropriate when meeting them.  I’m really more of a people-centric pooch.”

A volunteer that comes to visit Angel at the shelter says:

“Angel is one of my favs and one of two dogs at LHS that has actually brought me to tears.  She is so timid and scared in the kennel that she usually won’t even stand in her cage, but when you walk up to her and talk sweet, her tail lets you know the spirit that remains unbroken.  Once outside, away from the stress of the shelter and perhaps her “past life,” Angel’s true soul can been seen.  She jumps up and down with the energy of a puppy, as if she’s been waiting her whole life to finally be happy.  Anyone who’s spent time with this sweet girl, knows exactly what I mean.  If anyone is looking to truly “rescue” a dog, Angel would be my first choice.”

Liberty Humane Society is a participating member of the No More Homeless Pets® Network, a program of Best Friends Animal Society, which offers help and support to animal rescue groups that save lives in their communities.

To meet Liberty Humane’s ebony charmers (and more) visit!


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