Hoboken Fashion Find: Jewels and Accessories at Aaraa Boutique

I just wanted to post about some beautiful finds at Aaraa boutique as of late. Like I’ve posted about in the past, Aaraa’s owner, Neeta, gets her merchandise straight from India! It has a very southeast Asian feel, with a modern twist.

I’m loving this ornate pendant:It kind of looks like a crater or the moon’s surface! So unique and different. And you definitely won’t find it anywhere else in Hoboken – since everything’s authentically Indian and just about one of a kind.

This “Pea” Necklace is also a beautiful and unique long chain gold necklace. Gold is in right now (even more than silver, although I love my silver Yurman), so it’s the perfect addition to any jewelry collection (plus it has mini pops of color – pastel, but still a bit of color pops).

Last but not least, I give you some gold-plated neon clutches. Although these are also directly from India, they are contemporary yet mixed with a vintage-y feel. For more information on Aaraa, check out my write up here.

Make sure to check out Aaraa Boutique, located at 408 6th Street for these and other gorgeous and detailed pieces. Aaraa also offers 15% off to Hoboken Girl readers…so make sure you say “HOBOKEN GIRL” at checkout!


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Just a brunette with straight hair, leather boots, and a Louis Vuitton...and a love for the Mile Square City.
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