Hoboken Eats: Court Street Restaurant and Bar

When you’re looking for some wine & American cuisine (read: comfort food), look no further than the Court Street Restaurant & Bar. Located on 61 6th Street, it is a cozy little tucked-away spot that you’d almost miss if you didn’t know your way around Hoboken. It’s actually just past Washington Street, towards Hudson but on 6th.

Upon entering Court Street, you have a high top table, wooden bar feel. The back area is the dinner section, which is a bit fancier – but you could pull off a casual outfit with jeans, easily. Knowing that it’s a popular place, I was actually shocked that we were able to get a dinner table in the back on a Friday night. I love the back area though – it’s got great lighting (not too bright, not too dark so you can’t see your food). Just right.

I ordered a glass of chianti, and I must say I loved that although it was a “single” glass, it was served in a wine canister that I got to pour myself. There’s something about wine and water canisters that I love! I really feel it adds a bit of fun to drinking when you’re out to eat.

We were also served complimentary bread, butter, and olive tapenade. I will say the bread was tasty; it was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I didn’t like the olive tapenade very much — probably because I was expecting pesto, until I realized what it was!

My dinner date and I split a special appetizer on the menu – warm goat cheese, spinach, and crab in a baked pastry shell on a bed of greens. It was absolutely yummy. Here’s a pic of it before we sliced it open:

Post-slicing (this thing was huge!):

Talk about comfort food.

For our dinners: I went with scallops, and my date went with chicken parmigiana (borrrring. but delicious.). The chicken parm came with fresh mozzarella on top and a side of linguini.

As you can tell, it was loaded with cheese. I tasted a bite or two- very delicious! Court Street has a lot of seafood on the menu, but this chicken parm could rival some Italian eateries in Hoboken, undoubtedly.

Side of Linguini that accompanied the Chicken Parm

As for my dish, the scallops, I enjoyed them. Yes, I’ve had better scallops, but they were definitely good. Not too chewy, but a bit undercooked. I would have potentially gone for crispier tops next time, but it was still tasty.

I was given a choice of sides with my scallops, and went with my favorite side/comfort food/carb: mashed potatoes.

Overall, I give my dinner experience the Hoboken Girl stamp of approval. It’s cozy, inviting, and casual… a great place to take your parents if they’re in town or meet for a quick date with a friend or significant other. The bar atmosphere in the front adds an element of classy yet casual that other restaurants can’t always portray. There is also a great brunch, so make sure you stop by on a Sunday for some delicious brunching and mimosas – try the “Pointsetta” – instead of OJ, they add cranberry juice to the champagne!

Court street also has wine tastings on Saturday afternoons. Click Here for more information. They also have Prime Rib Night and Lobsterfest Wednesdays.

There’s one thing I know for sure about Court Street – if you eat there, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your food. It’s been around since the 80’s, and it is family owned. They have a wide selection of dishes, and although it’s slightly pricey, it’s worth the $$. Great ambiance and good food. I have never been disappointed!

Have you been to Court Street recently? What has your experience been like?


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