Hoboken Sweets: Cannolis from Giorgio’s Bakery

A while back, I taste tested some cannolis from Carlo’s, downtown. This time I decided to taste test Giorgio’s Italian Bakery in uptown Hoboken (1112 Washington St.)…that I had heard excellent things about. And NO lines!

When we walked in, we were greeted by a sweet and cookie-filled aroma. The place looked a little dark, and at first I thought it was closed. But, a woman popped out from the back and cordially welcomed us! There were lots of cookies in the glass display case, such as these:



Choc chip

Colorful and delicious, yet simple. There’s really nothing like the taste of an Italian cookie!

Even though there were lots of goodies to choose from, we had a mission. Cannoli Taste Test. Stick to the plan!!

When we ordered our cannolis, I opted for a chocolate shell, my cannoli date opted for a vanilla shell. Of course, the cannolis were filled on the spot!


Regarding the cannoli flavor: a hint of orange zest mixed with a creamy vanilla filling throughout made this cannoli one of the best I’ve truly ever tasted. I will say that the chocolate shell was a bit better than the vanilla- but that is just my personal preference. I love a yummy chocolate coating.

Here are some more treats that can be found at Giorgio’s:



All very pleasing to the eye!

The woman waiting on me was also super friendly– she even complimented the necklace I was wearing. I considering trading it for a weeks supply of cannolis…. But managed to resist!

Make sure next time you are uptown to check out Giorgio’s. It’s a great, authentic Italian bakery with no crazy lines and always some scrumptious treats!

Have you been to Giorgio’s? What’s been your experience?


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