Hoboken Eats: Smoothies from Re-Juice A Nation

It has been so nice out lately, and when it gets warm, I crave fruits and veggies. So what better way to satisfy a craving with a smoothie?

After a workout, I headed to Re-juice A Nation right near the path. I had never been to this smoothie bar (and healthy food bar), but had heard good things.


Once inside, we were greeted by this sign:


Talk about negating any healthy thoughts I had about smoothies! But, YUM.

I skipped on the high cal dessert smoothies and decided instead to go with the Mango Bango… A mix of mangoes, mango juice and bananas.


Re-Juice A Nation offers boosts to add to your smoothies (like fat burners, energy, protein, multi-vitamin, etc). I opted for a protein boost, since I was drinking a semi sweet and sugary breakfast in the form of a smoothie. Extra protein can help reduce a sugar high!

My smoothie date got Soy Mi Gusta, a mix of soy milk, raspberries (or any berry of your choice), honey, and bananas. I’d say I liked mine better- definitely sweeter. But his was good too.


The cups the smoothies were served in were quite large- I actually only had half of mine and saved the rest for later. I will say that I was disappointed to see that they were made out of styrofoam- bad for the environment and harmful to ingest! One other thing I noticed was that a lot of the smoothies involved a lot of juice and sherbet or frozen yogurt- all very high in sugar. A better option would be soy milk, rice milk, or even coconut water. Add some Stevia for sweetness.

There are other healthy treats at Re-Juice A Nation …including protein bars and salad fixings, plus delicious hot soups (including some vegetarian options). You can even make your own salad which is fun!


I’d definitely recommend a trip here on a hot day to refresh and revive you- it’s a healthy option (as long as you don’t go with the dessert smoothie options every time!). Delish!


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