Hoboken Beauty: Mani/Pedi at Modern Nails

I love getting mani pedis. When it’s rainy, sunny; when I’ve had a stressful day; when I’ve had a great day. What Jersey girl doesn’t? So of course, that’s what I did last Saturday. My usual spot is The Nail Bar (great foot massages!), but because they were booked (it’s a small place), I figured I’d try something new.

I picked Modern Nails & Spa on Washington Street. Maybe because Kim Kardashian got her nails done there once last year. Even though KK’s life is a hot mess at times, it definitely piqued my interest.

This place is definitely a popular nail salon. I wonder if it had this much business before Kim stopped in to get a pedi? While there, I counted probably about 15-18 nail technicians, and each one was super busy!

A big part of mani pedis is cleanliness. If I’m feeling super skeeved, I’m not going to be happy about it. Modern Nails gets a 7 out of 10 for cleanliness. It was a very pretty place- nice ambiance (even some chandeliers!). Considering there are so many people coming in and out, I saw technicians having patrons wait while they washed down the pedicure tubs which I liked. However, the manicure bins seemed a bit less hygienic. Below is all I saw for the manicure tools; they didn’t seem like they were cleaned between nail sessions. Blehh!

Colors: I picked Tangerine Tango OPI for my toes,

….and Alpine Snow OPI for my fingers. I love a pop of reddish orange on the toes. It definitely came out more of a red than orange I will say.

And although I probably wouldn’t pick this white of a white again, I did like the way it looked for the first day or two. After the second day, it kind of looked like I had painted my nails with white out that was chipping. I’d probably opt for a more translucent white next time. Polish remover came early this week!

I will say I loved that the pedicure not only included exfoliation and a massage, but also a quick hot stone massage. For $20, not bad!

One thing I didn’t like that the owner was kind of rude to a few patrons who didn’t have cash for tip (and had asked to put it on their cards). He chastised them semi-publicly (I was about 10 feet away at the drying table and heard him). I know that it’s not as easy for the nail techs/business to get their tips when it’s done completely on credit card, but come on – it’s 2012. A lot of people don’t carry cash constantly.

My total mani pedi cost $30 plus tip, which is pretty average in Hoboken – although some places have waaay better deals if you go during the week.

I don’t think I’d return to Modern Nails in a super hurry. I really felt like it was a mani/pedi mill. I like my nail experiences more relaxed, and less crowded. Yes, it was a Saturday, yes it was nice out, but I know that there are some great places in Hoboken that don’t have half that many people stuffed in a salon at once. I’d definitely recommend going during the week instead if you’re going to check it out.

….All in all, lots of hype, for an average experience. I’m sure Kim got special treatment, because, you know, she’s Kim. And of course, her picture was there on the wall!

Have you been to Modern Nails before?

What has your experience been like?

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