Hoboken Style: Spotlight on Aaraa Boutique on 6th Street

One of the boutiques that I frequent for some fun, off-beat jewelry is Aaraa Boutique. Located at 408 6th Street in Hoboken, the shop has a beautiful display of jewels and other unique accessories.

The last time I was at Aaraa, the shop’s owner, Neeta, was actually in India buying items for her boutique. I love that all of her merchandise is mostly from India! It makes it such a unique and original Hoboken shop, with a very southeast (but modern!) Asian feel.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from my Aaraa trip:Adorable rose earrings in minty green, red, & purple. I love the minty green! Such a perfect spring color.

Gold bangles studded with rhinestones.

This red and blue jeweled necklace is a great statement piece that can be paired with a variety of colors. Careful being too “matchy” if you’re already wearing red or blue.

Nice gold addition to a necklace collection!

Another funky statement piece, similar to one seen at J.Crew [below] (but for less ca$h monay!):

There are also a variety of earrings, in addition to my fave minty roses pictured above. I love studs, but lately I have been enjoying earrings that dangle too, especially when combined with my wavy-haired ombre. I think there’s something to be said for statement pieces like these – totally doable, as long as you keep other jewels at a minimum.

Here are some more earrings from Aaraa’s jewel collection (for around $15 each!):

There are a variety of faboosh and unique cocktail rings displayed as well:

Aaraa is such a cute place to visit, and it’s definitely worth a trip down the side streets of Hoboken. The loft location houses not only these beautiful jewels, but also a variety of home furnishings and other exotic accessories. The staff is always super helpful and friendly when I’m there, and Neeta & Co. will be sure to help you pick out something original!


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