Hoboken, NJ is 9th on List of Cities that Values Sex the Most


We are sooo seductive.

Maybe it’s to get out the frustration due to a lack of parking. Maybe it’s the amount of boozy brunches or bar hopping Hobokenites do. Or maybe it’s the amount of young, single professionals that live here who are really, really ridiculously good-looking.

Whatever you attribute it to, Hoboken has made the list of “Cities that ‘Value’ Sex the Most.”

I put the word value in quotes because I find it an oxymoron to say that the cities with a heightened sex drive or a place where people think about sex more actually value sex. Sure, people have sex often here, but really, I don’t think Hoboken residents appreciate sex more (as an intimate bond between two people) just because they’re thinking about it more. Maybe there are just more pervs in Hoboken. So in that sense, ‘value’ is the wrong word. I’d say ‘want to’ or ‘try to’ get laid more often may be a better choice.

Here is the link to the article, via Huffington Post. (Click View Gallery at the bottom of the page for the slideshow – Hoboken is the next picture after number 10) The article’s findings come from several studies; the most notable study is from Chemistry.com’s personality test results of over 10 million participants. The funny thing is 8 out of 10 cities listed are in California.

Forget Hoboken–Sounds like California is the place to be if you wanna get it on!

What are your thoughts, Hobokenites… Are we a sex-crazed town? Is sex high on your list of thoughts during the day?


About Hoboken Girl

Just a brunette with straight hair, leather boots, and a Louis Vuitton...and a love for the Mile Square City.
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One Response to Hoboken, NJ is 9th on List of Cities that Values Sex the Most

  1. Rory Chadwick says:

    It’s valued in my apartment for sure

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