Hoboken Eats: Grimaldi’s Pizza

Notice this post title does not include the ‘healthy’ part. Not saying Grimaldi’s isn’t healthy if you order a salad, but if you want to really enjoy yourself… Go cheesy. Grimaldi’s (4th and Washington) is such a delicious restaurant. I swear every time I go there, I gain about 5 lbs. Then I go to Planet Fitness.

We started the meal with a little Prosecco.


My dinner date(s) ordered 2 apps: antipasti and fried mozzarella cakes. Both finger lickin’ good. The problem with apps is I always like the apps more so I end up eating too much in the beginning and then I can’t enjoy my entree because I’m full. Oops.

Here are some pics of our delectable starters:




Fried Mozzarella (this looks way better in person – promise)!

For entrees, we ordered two pizzas. Margherita (sauce and mozzarella) was our first pie, and I went rogue with the second: Eggplant & Ricotta. My friends were a little hesitant to order this one, but I convinced them it’d be in their best interest! They realized I was (of course) right because when the waiter brought out the second pie he almost ‘sniffed’ it, and said ‘Mmmm this one is making me hungry!’ Mmmhm you bet it is.

Here are some pie pics:




Eggplant and Ricotta

I swear with a pinch of Parmesan, there’s nothing better than Eggplant and Ricotta. My friends really enjoyed it as well. What I also enjoy is that as a thin crust pizza lover– their crusts are just that: thin and tasty!

Grimaldi’s is a fabulous restaurant on Washington Street… what is better is there is always the other one on the corner of Clinton & 2nd in case it is too crowded! You know their food is good when they open a second one (I actually think that their second one is Washington St). They serve great wines and their pizza is phenomenal! Definitely worth a trip.


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