Hoboken Beauty: Ombre Highlights at The Beauty Parlour

Normally, I wear my hair in a very classic, borderline ‘boring’ way…as it usually just falls straight with some side swept bangs. Sometimes I attempt a blowout, other times I go ‘Sami Sweetheart Straight’ and get cray cray with my straightener. I usually go au naturale with the color, since I’ve found that I can’t always keep up with my highlights. Truly though, my motto has always been “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

Last week, however, I was feeling a bit ballsy and so I decided to try out a salon in the Hoboken area. I went to The Beauty Parlour, located at 417 Washington Street. I had previously gone to The Moxie Twins salon in Monclair, but since they moved to Ridgewood (almost an hour from Hoboken depending on traffic), I decided to try my luck locally. After all, I love Hoboken and supporting local business!

Now I think this place is just the cutest. I loved the English Basement layout, but unfortunately I didn’t get to snap a pic of the outside. Think a walk-down entrance with an open English basement feel. Lots of light and a cozy little setting. You can pretty much see the whole salon from the windows on Washington Street.

As soon as I walked in I was helped to a drink of my choice. I chose some red wine, since it was a Friday after work. Perfect hair & happy hour combo.

I came in just for a color glaze, which adds some shine and pizazz to my current color. However, I got to talking with my stylist, “Ashley,” and she encouraged me to think outside the box. I had stated that I was pretty “boring” with my hair and just liked it long and straight. She countered, saying that in your twenties you should always go a little crazier, because when you’re in your thirties and beyond, it won’t be as easy to get away with. Touche, touche. I decided to take her advice.

Ashley suggested “Ombre Highlights,” and I’ll have to admit I had never heard of them. She quickly showed me these pictures, and I was sold.

I mean, clearly no one is going to look as good as Jessica Biel does with this hairstyle, but who’s comparing? Since I have dark hair and lighter skin, we opted for a caramel/light brown tone, which I absolutely love. The trick is to tease parts of your hair, highlight some, and then put toner over all of it to bring it to the color that you want. I know that my portrayal of this process sounds highly hair-savvy. Not. I would probably say don’t try this by yourself at home.

Here’s how it turned out (straight and curly hair pics to follow – mind you these are iPhone pics, so the coloring came out a little more reddish in these pics, it’s more of a caramel in real life!). I think of it as “Business on the top, Party on the bottom,” kind of like a mullet, but obviously a little cooler than that.

My Straight Ombre Highlights

My Wavy-Styled Ombre Highlights

As you can see, in some natural light, it looks blonder than in other lights. It also has a varied look at times, sometimes (usually when it’s Sammi Sweetheart straight), it has more of a homogenous feel about the color. Curly is a bit more mixed with darks and lights, depending on how much I curl it. I love that it always looks a bit different!

Regardless of your hair color, ombre highlights are definitely a fun trend right now. Lighter on the ends, darker towards the roots. It’s great for lazy hair ladies like myself, who often are bad with going to get roots redone. It looks especially awesome in the sunlight when the highlights are lit up. I’m loving it so far!

Have YOU gotten ombre highlights?I’d love to see pics or hear about your experience with it. Also, make sure you check out The Beauty Parlour on Washington Street. It’s the best!


About Hoboken Girl

Just a brunette with straight hair, leather boots, and a Louis Vuitton...and a love for the Mile Square City.
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2 Responses to Hoboken Beauty: Ombre Highlights at The Beauty Parlour

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  2. Megan says:

    Ashley is amazing! She did ombré hair for me over the winter and I absolutely loved it. Very low maintenance.

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