A #Hoboken Week in Review via Twitter

Hoboken…we may be known for the Cake Boss and Frank Sinatra, but really, we’re just like any other city. I have the tweets to prove it!

All you have to do is tweet about Hoboken, and maybe you’ll make the cut. Lots goes on in Hoboken on weekly basis, and it’s fun to see how random civilians (and tweeters) experience it. Sometimes there is an overuse of #hashtags, but for now, I’ll let it slide.
Here are some of the highlights from the week:

Parking Troubles:

Munchies and Cravings Satisfied:

@Cathporter – I couldn’t agree more!

Girly Mani/Pedi Days – Always a Necessity:

Commuting Troubles:

Fires 😦 :

Saving that Cold, Hard Ca$h via Drink Specials:

Cranky Pants:

Straight Facts:

Celebs Shouting Out da Boken:

And of course…Falling in Love with Hoboken Girls:

@The_Flex24: I say go with a Hoboken girl. Sliiightly biased.

Follow this Hoboken Girl on Twitter: @Hobokengirlblog

Keep the #Hoboken Tweets Coming!


About Hoboken Girl

Just a brunette with straight hair, leather boots, and a Louis Vuitton...and a love for the Mile Square City.
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