Healthy Hoboken Eats: 1Republik’s Hummus + Wedge Salad

Recently, I went to 1Republik for dinner and drinks. I was craving something salty but I still wanted to stay semi-healthy, so luckily we were in the right place.

First, we ordered an app of hummus and pita. I really liked that there were chickpeas on top of the hummus (chickpeas are my fave – excellent protein!), and the pitas were warm and soft…straight out of the oven. The hummus was decent; I usually love a garlicky hummus, but this one was more of the “original” flavor – still very tasty.

Besides a glass of pinot, I ordered a wedge salad. Now you may not be able to see from the picture (sometimes I am “too cool” for my blog, and feel awk taking pics of my food in a dark restaurant/bar – this  was one of those moments….so I quickly snapped a blurry pic. My B.

The 1Repulik Wedge Salad, although not exactly the most beautiful presentation in the world, was utterly delicious. I was in heaven. It was filled with buffalo chicken, iceberg lettuce (no nutritional value- I know, but at least I was eating lettuce!), some bits of bacon, and blue cheese. MMmm mm good. Fo’ Realz.

The reason it is called a Wedge Salad is because the iceberg lettuce is, in fact, just that – cut in wedges. Very clever. And so good. I really enjoyed it, if you couldn’t tell.

I would recommend this salad if you’re in the mood for wings or something heavier, but still want to fill up on some greens and be semi-healthy. It’s definitely not the healthiest salad option in the world, but at least you’re not just eating straight fried chicken or red meat.

Fill up on the lettuce before diving into the other parts is my trick. The other thing is, ask for dressing on the side – if not, you’ll wind up with too much on the salad. Less is more, in this case.

Thanks, 1Republik, for a delicious dining experience!


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