Adoptable Hoboken Pets of the Week: Fizzle and Big Boy


Meet Fizzle!  One of the queens of the LHS Cattery!  Fizzle is a beautiful calico/tortoiseshell mix who was found abandoned in front of the shelter in mid-September with a broken tail.

Fizzle is one of the cats at LHS who is lucky enough to be able to leave her cage and walk the floor for most of the day.  She is an energetic, talkative busybody who easily acclimates to the other cats roaming the Cattery floors.

Fizzle is also a very laid-back soul, so most of her days are spent lounging; however, she does love to play when the mood strikes her.  Once a person forms a bond with her, she will gladly accept being picked up.  Like a true diva, Fizzle becomes very chatty when she wants to be fed or when seeking attention.  In addition, she almost demands a clean living space so a neat freak adopter would be right up her alley.

For more information about Fizzle, visit:

Big Boy

Big Boy is an American Bulldog/Great Dane mix.  Just as his name implies, he is a big, playful fellow!  He makes friends quickly with new people, even the most unusual of strangers, and loves to be petted and massaged.  He loves playing with people and simply love toys.  At the same time, he is happy to just go for a nice walk.  If you sit with him, he will lean on you and show you love back.

Like most dogs, Big Boy relishes getting treats and will even make a silly face when he knows a treat is coming his way.  He already knows some basic commands like sit, stay and come.  Since he’s extremely food motivated, he will be very easy to teach new tricks to if you have a tasty treat in-hand.

Because of his size, Big Boy would be best in a home with older children so he doesn’t accidentally knock anyone over.

While interested in other dogs and tolerant of their antics, he tends to be most interested in just sniffing the other dog and getting as much information as possible off them.  With the right playmates, he might be more playful, but introductions should be done carefully.

For more information about Fizzle, visit:

These pets and more can be visited and adopted at the Liberty Humane Society:

235 Jersey City Blvd.
Jersey City, NJ 07305
P. 201.547.4147
F. 201.547.8381

Hours for Adoption
Monday through Friday: 2:00pm to 7:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00am to 4:00pm


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