Brunch in the Boken: Brass Rail

Another day, another brunch trip. That’s pretty much my M.O. lately.

A few friends and I recently went to Brass Rail and here is the sitch:

While most of us were too hungover to order some bevs, one of my guy friends took the plunge and got a dark oatmeal stout beer. It was good, so he says. I would probably beg to differ, given my tendency for girly drinks.


If you are starving at brass rail, don’t fret; they give you some bread and jam to tide you over til the real food comes.


Among the entrees ordered:

Eggs and Sausage


Turkey Burger


French Toast


As far as the taste testing consensus goes, everyone enjoyed their food. The fun part about the Brass Rail is that it is prixe fixe for your entree $17, but if you add $10 to your tab, it is all you can drink. Totally worth it if you’re trying to get after it on a Saturday or Sunday Funday.

The food presentation is decent, and the ambiance is friendly with a mixed crowd. Families and young professionals, I’d say.

I would definitely recommend a trip here if you have a little extra dough to splurge, but it will be worth your trip!


About Hoboken Girl

Just a brunette with straight hair, leather boots, and a Louis Vuitton...and a love for the Mile Square City.
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