Adoptable Hoboken Pets of the Week: Belle, Devoe, and Sylvia


Bel and Devoe came into the shelter with their brother, Biv, back in December. At first, they were all a little frightened of shelter life. Their bond was so strong so they were kept in a cat condo together and quickly adjusted to all the hustle and bustle at LHS. Since their brother Biv was adopted in January, the remaining two have grown even closer. If you come by to meet them, you’ll be sure to see them spooning in their cage together.

While it’s clear that Bel and Devoe love each other, they are mushy snuggle-bugs in people arms as well! And, in true teenager fashion, they are very playful! The pair can be kept occupied playing together, but love it when the volunteers come and give them extra playtime with strings and balls.

Since these two are clearly a bonded pair, the shelter would love to send them to their forever home together. Liberty Humane’s Smitten Kitten promotion which is going on until Saturday 3/17, allows you to adopt this cuddly pair for the normal adoption fee of one cat.


Sylvia is a beautiful girl blessed with a gorgeous blue coat and irresistible eyes. Gentle and affectionate, she loves everyone, even the most unusual strangers. Sylvia is always willing to sit nicely for a treat and nothing makes her happier than snuggling. Volunteers have learned that she will sit and cuddle-up with them ANYWHERE. She relishes any opportunity to get some peace and quiet away from the shelter so she can catch up on some much-needed nap time.

Sylvia is a volunteer and staff favorite at the shelter. One staff member glowingly refers to her as a “big, sweet lap-dog!” Two volunteers also love to recount the time they first met Sylvia and put her in a very strange place – a bathtub. Even though dogs were barking around her, she stood patiently during her wash, only interrupting to kiss the volunteer’s faces.

Sylvia is as sweet and affectionate as they come. If you are willing to open your home to her, she will love you and snuggle with you every day.

These pets and more can be visited and adopted at the Liberty Humane Society:

235 Jersey City Blvd.
Jersey City, NJ 07305
P. 201.547.4147
F. 201.547.8381

Hours for Adoption
Monday through Friday: 2:00pm to 7:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00am to 4:00pm


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