A (Selfish and Easy) Guide to Spring Clean Your Life. No, Seriously.

This post is a bit off the beaten Hoboken path. This is more of the spring cleaning slap in the face (or soft tap) that we all need to get our arses in gear for the warmer weather…especially if you feel like this:

HOWEVER, contrary to popular opinion, I feel spring cleaning isn’t just for household items and how much clorox you can use in one day. Yes, that’s a part of it – but it’s also about cleaning up your life…mentally and physically. Selfishness intended.

Instead of feeling completely overwhelmed by spring cleaning, take it in steps. Here are some attainable yet life-improving steps to seriously selfish but totally necessary spring cleaning.

1. Get a mani/pedi. Selfish? Never. You need that foot massage and scrub to get you ready to put on your flip flops.

Some spring Essie colors to get you started:

2. And speaking of feet, well…legs,…Sign up for the gym. If it’s money you are complaining about, Planet Fitness currently has a deal for $20 down, $10 per month. No excuses.

Even if you go once per month, you’ve made your money back. Stop whining, fatty.

3. Eyebrow clean-up at The Eyebrow Place on Washington Street. Spray tan at Solares. Enough said.

4. Get your car cleaned and fully detailed. Hoboken Car Wash has a $31 package for detailing and exterior wash.

I just took advantage; it was totally necessary and feels so good to sit in my car now. No empty wrappers or water bottles. Just shampooed and vacuumed seats.

5. Start eating healthier when you’re out, and in. Check out my Healthy Hoboken Eats for tips on what to order when out at your favorite Hoboken bars.

And starting soon, Hoboken Girl will have a cooking section to get some great recipes and healthy treats to keep you on track.

6. Buy new gym clothes. Nothing feels better than some new yoga pants.

Although any yoga pants I own have never, in fact, been to a yoga class. But I digress.

7. Ok, yes, you SHOULD go through your closet. Try on old jeans, sweaters, stuff you haven’t worn. If you can’t see yourself wearing it in the next 6-9 months, make a donation pile! And/or just go shopping.

**Tip: Flip all your hangers one way after you go through your closet. Once you wear something, flip the hanger the other way. If you haven’t flipped the hanger (and worn the outfit) by this time next year, it needs to be donated!

8. Organize one drawer or area per day for 2 weeks. That’s 14 areas of your house or apartment that will get organized over a two week period.

9. Clean out your fridge. Science experiments have got to go.

**Tip: Plan out your meals and/or make a weekly shopping list and post it on your fridge. That way, you won’t get off track when you’re shopping.

Also, never shop hungry! And buy extra tupperware so you can store any fresh produce or salad fixings.

10. Delete annoying/unnecessary Facebook/Twitter friends. Or people that you have no clue who they are. I actually call it Facebook Spring Cleaning. I do it twice a year.

**Tip: My rule is, if you saw them on the street or in a bar, and wouldn’t say hi, why do they deserve your Facebook friendship?


Have a little extra ca$h to splurge?

Choose your poison: a 2 hour maid service, a photoshoot (who says you have to be engaged to hire a pro photographer?), and/or a massage. Any or all of the above will make you feel awesome. Guaranteed.


About Hoboken Girl

Just a brunette with straight hair, leather boots, and a Louis Vuitton...and a love for the Mile Square City.
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One Response to A (Selfish and Easy) Guide to Spring Clean Your Life. No, Seriously.

  1. Great guide for the Hoboken Girl. Thanks for posting!

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