Girly Drinks: Lush and Rapture from the West Five Supper Club

Girly drinks, girly dranks.

I went to the West Five Supper Club recently and ca$hed in on a LivingSocial Deal I had- $25 for 3 shared plates and 2 specialty cocktails.

I ordered the Lush, a mix of passion fruit, prosecco, and fresh fruit (read: 3 blueberries).


I love anything with some prosecco mixed in, so I was a happy camper. My dinner date ordered a bud light, so I was forced to succumb to ordering a second drink… Single tear.


So… I ordered the Rapture. It was a blend of Acai blueberry vodka, pomegranate, and cranberrythyme honey (whatever that is?). I liked it, but it was served without ice which I found a little funny.

My date and I ordered these plates to share:


Cheesesteak Bites… They were good, but definitely cheesy intense. If you’re trying to go light, I’d recommend a bite or two.


Veal and Mozzarella Meatballs… Yum.


Chicken Skewers … Delish!

My date also twisted my arm (aka casually suggested we look at the dessert menu…) and so we ended up with a plate of fried Oreos in front of us:


All I can say is a major gym trip was needed after this excursion.

But, besides being an untz untz-type bar/lounge/club at night, West Five serves some yummy treats and dishes. It seems like a great place to bring a date or have a girls night- where everyone wants to order some fun drinks, share some apps, and then just daaaance.


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