Healthy Hoboken Eats: Salmon-Avocado Sushi Roll from Robongi

Monday morning… Back to the healthy eating drawing board. For some, Monday is the day you restart your diet after a weekend of eating wings and guzzling girly drinks and beer.

My mantra lately is to try to make healthy decisions as much as possible on weekends so that I don’t have to feel guilty on Mondays about how much garbage I consumed over the weekend. So last night, instead of ordering a pizza or other cheesy deliciousness, I opted for sushi.

Sushi is a great healthy and light option (depending on what route you go when you’re ordering). If you order a roll that is fried or stuffed with cream cheese, that may be a different story. I also consider it a treat, so it’s nice to order something you enjoy that is also semi-good for you.

One of my favorite sushi joints is Robongi on Washington street. I often order my takeout sushi from there- and did just that last night.


Here’s a pic of my salmon avocado (intertwined with sweet potato rolls- another delicious, but healthier, treat). I opted for brown rice rolls- which is your best bet if you’re trying to stay healthy.

I also ordered the house salad with ginger dressing, which is my jaaa-aam. I absolutely die for ginger dressing, and it totally makes up for the lame lettuce leaves they give you as part of the house salad.

My lame house salad with amazeballs ginger dressing.

Here’s a tip: I always ask for extra dressing so I can use it the following day on a salad for lunch.


Any healthy eating secrets around Hoboken that you want to share? Tweet me @Hobokengirlblog


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