Finding Some (Not So) Mellow Yellow Fashion in Hoboken

Lately, all over the web, malls, and of course Pinterest are the color pops of spring. You’ve seen them – that gorgeous blue, green, coral, pink, tangerine, and yellow. And I don’t know about you, but I love me a good color pop…and right now I’m feeling the yellow.

Some of my recent favorite yellow ensembles from Pinterest:

Pale Yellow Jacket with green skinny jeans. Check out my green article for here.

Neon Yellow Cloth Necklace – I’m kind of obsessed.

Casual Yellow Tee with some chunky gold wedges

Yellow Skirt Paired with a denim button down. Can’t go wrong.

This yellow/blue color combo…TDF.

So where, you might ask, can I find some of these gems in Hoboken? Lucky for you, I’ve scoured some of the trendy boutiques in the Boken to help you put together some colorful yellow outfits, just in time for spring.

Coupe De Coeur (uptown) on Washington recently displayed this yellow skirt. It almost looks identical to the Pinterest denim/yellow skirt combo above.

You can find these yellow skinnies hanging at Bella Ro on Washington.

Air Studios has some fun and funky yellow bags, including this beautiful and coveted 31 Hour Bag (one of the bag sections is a nice yellow leather).

Another bold pattern from Air Studios: this flashy Savannah 8 blouse. My only concern is looking like a bumblebee. But it was super cute in the store!

Last but not least, some chunky yellow accessories from Aaraa and Coup De Coeur (not for the faint at heart):

Disclaimer: I know many of us are coming out of a 2-3 month seasonal depression/pale skin bout. Wearing this yellow may require a spray tan and/or a pep in your step.

Just sayin’.


Any other yellow boutique finds in Hoboken that you find noteworthy? Tweet me a pic @Hobokengirlblog.


About Hoboken Girl

Just a brunette with straight hair, leather boots, and a Louis Vuitton...and a love for the Mile Square City.
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