Adoptable Hoboken Pets of the Week: Opal, Amethyst, and Pinky

In partnership with the Liberty Humane Society,

I bring you Hoboken’s Adoptable Pets of the week:

Opal and Amethyst

Opal and Amethyst had quite a rough start to life.  A couple months ago they were found in an abandoned basement in Hoboken.  Since being removed from the basement, the kitties have been living with a foster volunteer from Liberty Humane Society where they are learning how to socialize more and more every day.


Opal is the most loving kitten you’ve ever met.  She is always waiting at the door for her foster mommy and purrs non-stop for affection.  She loves attention and is the type of cat who will follow you around and then hop on the couch begging to snuggle up.


While Amethyst is a bit shyer than Opal, lately she has been learning that she LOVES it when humans pick her up and stroke her.  And while both kitties are quite playful, Amethyst can play for hours on end often wearing out her sister!

Due to the initial timid nature of Opal and Amethyst, they would probably do best in a home of adults or a family with older children.  Integrating them with dogs would be fine as long as introductions are made slowly.

Please consider bringing Opal and Amethyst into your home.  From now until March 17th, both little babes are available for the normal adoption fee of one cat! Click HERE for more details.

Amethyst –

Opal –


Pinky is a two-year old pit bull mix who has been at Liberty Humane Society since November. Pinky is one of the shelter’s friendliest dogs.  She seems to immediately love anyone she meets. And also loves some red stylin’!

Volunteers also describe her as one of our most fun dogs!  She absolutely loves to play and is a great runner.  She’d be a great fit for an active household.  Her exuberance has made her the perfect candidate for our weekly agility classes.  Thus far, she has mastered 11 of the 13 consecutive agility obstacles.  As long as a volunteer has a treat in hand, Pinky will do just about anything.  She even walked the plank on her first attempt at agility which can often be scary for the participating dogs.

Come down to the shelter to meet Pinky!  Agility demonstrations are typically held on Sunday mornings so give the shelter a call if you’d like to come see Pinky in action.

To learn more about adopting Pinky:

To find out more about adopting these babies and lots of other furry friends, visit Liberty Humane Society. The shelter is located in Jersey City at 235 Jersey City Boulevard!

Hours for Adoption
Monday through Friday: 2:00pm to 7:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00am to 4:00pm


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