Healthy Hoboken Eats: Salmon Avocado Wrap from Trinity

I recently taste tested the Salmon Avocado Wrap from Trinity Bar. I talk about it a bit more in my article on about healthy eating at popular Hoboken bars…which can sometimes be a tricky thing. But I had to mention it on my site – just because it’s too tasty not to share.


I love love love salmon. And avocado. Often I eat both simultaneously, with sushi, from Robongi…but that’s a story for another time.

Overall, this wrap was really tasty, and it was definitely the perfect remedy to a light but filling meal – salmon AND avocado for healthy protein and fats. It also had a nice side salad of some dark greens (versus fries) to keep you munching on healthy produce rather than processed/fried foods.

I’d recommend a trip to Trinity soon! Also check out their portobello mushroom wrap that I previously posted about. YUM!


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