How to Help Victims of Fire on Washington Street

If you live in or around Hoboken, you probably heard about the horrible fire at 300 Washington Street on Sunday, February 19th. Luckily no one was seriously injured, but it was a large blaze that affected many people’s homes as well as a first story business. So so so sad.

Hopefully residents and the business had renters insurance, but if not…

Being that Hoboken is a relatively small community, we are lucky to have some good Samaritans that have banded together to create an event to raise money for the victims.

Here is the link to the event:

And, what’s better, the event is the night BEFORE Hoboken Lepre-con, meaning that there are many extra hands on deck to help out and donate (I’m assuming a lot of visitors will be around the night before the festivities). So this is my personal appeal to everyone to take the money that you’d spend on your first round of the night and attend/donate it to the victims!

Event details (directly from the Facebook page):

On March 2nd, Hoboken will come together and show their support to raise money to immediately help those in need. At the event will be complimentary food, music and raffle prizes.

A donation at the door is requested and all entrants will each receive 1 free drink upon entry for showing their support. The event is from 7pm-10pm. Volunteers are also needed to help organize and solicit donations for the event, please email or if you are interested in volunteering.

In the meantime, residents can drop off sundries, gift cards and donations at Midtown Authentic located at 728 Washington Street 2nd Floor or at H-Mag located at 80 River Street, top floor. If anyone has an apartment or room to offer for those affected free of charge, please let us know.

More information to come. You can also call 201-589-9832 for more information or to inquire about how you can volunteer.


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