Brunch in the Boken: Mikie Squared

There is one thing that Sundays are good for (besides DVR, grocery shopping, hangovers, and football): BRUNCH.

….Or as Marshall Eriksen says:

Marshall: God, I love brunch!
Brad: Ah damn. This zucchini bread is ridonkulous.
Marshall: This isn’t weird right?
Brad: Sorta thought it might be, but it totally isn’t and B-T dubs, you totally did not oversell the eggs bene

*Note: If you do not watch How I Met Your Mother, #1 Start watching it, & #2 You won’t get the above until you do.

Regardless, I’ve taken upon the  task of tasting and blogging about Hoboken’s variety of brunch spots.

First up: Mikie Squared. Now I had previously eaten at Mikie Squared for lunch, but never br-unch. I felt it necessary to take an out of town guest to brunch (and test out the place I tried my first pitcher of Hoboken sangria, after I signed the lease to my first apartment)…and I am glad I did! There were no lines when we got there around noon, but as it neared 1pm, the place started to get packed and the bartender even got kinda busy.

While not overly fancy or decked out decor-wise, the menu was a nice mix of breakfast-lunch variety, and I felt very comfortable in the casual brunch/bar setting. Fun entrees included Huevos Rancheros and the Shrimp Fritatta. There were  waffles and pancakes in addition to a bunch of egg entrees and lunch-like options. I ended up ordering the Eggs Benedict…thanks Marshall.

Eggs Bene 

Besides the orange slices being misplaced (adding a semi-citrus-y first bite), I found the eggs and Hollandaise sauce very tasty. The Canadian bacon was a bit chewy for my taste, but as far as it went as a dish to be ordered, combined with a mimosa, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My friend ordered an egg white omelette with spinach, cheddar cheese, and mushrooms; I definitely stole a few bites. It was very yummy! I am not a home fries girl, but my friend liked hers; they were made from real potatoes, “not too salty and crunchy enough,” so she said.

Egg White Omelette – Spinach, Mushrooms, and Cheddar Cheese

I also must note that the bread was of a whole grain/whole wheat variety, which is impressive, since the whole wheat bread usually given on the side of eggs is often a flimsy piece of wheat or white. This had some substance and paired well with a bit of strawberry jelly.

Of course who could forget the mimosa/brunch drink menu, which was fun and creative:

I ordered a regular mimosa, but definitely will try the blueberry fizz-mosa next time! There is also a great special – $10 pitchers of sangria on Sundays.

Overall Thoughts:

Good food, casual atmosphere, yummy drink menu. Will definitely come back soon, especially in the warmer months when you can sit and enjoy some ‘gria outdoors.


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2 Responses to Brunch in the Boken: Mikie Squared

  1. Adhari says:

    Thx for this post gotta try out those mimosas soon

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