Perusing Pinterest: Awesome Super Bowl Appetizers

Having a super bowl party instead of heading out to the bars? It’s allll about the food. Even if you’re trying to be healthy and cal-conscious, today is one day I urge you to splurge.

Here are some fun, different, and delicious appetizers  to make for the game today (found by my favorite site, Pinterest):

1. Peanut Butter & Jelly Sushi: (I’m making these today!)

Find this EASY and delicious-looking recipe HERE.

2. Pizza Dip:

This just looks amazing. Recipe HERE.

3. Make-Your-Own-Mozz-Sticks:

All you need is mozzarella string cheese, marinara, and egg roll covers: here’s the recipe.

4. Caramel Cheesecake Apple Dip

For the sweet tooth: here’s the recipe!

5. Chocolate-Dipped Football Strawberries

No recipe for these, but you can order them here. I also think it’d be super easy to make, just find a chocolate covered strawberry recipe, make them, wait til they are cooled, and add some white icing to decorate. Capisce?

6. Giants’ Popcorn Party Mix

Yum! Here’s the recipe.

7. Football Oreo Truffles

Adorable. Check it out.

8. Oreo-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies (these I made last week, they are ahhhh-mazing).

This is the recipe I followed. I think next time I’d make mini ones (recipe here).

9. Bite-Sized Brie Pops

Baked cheese? Nothing better.

10. In an attempt to be healthy: Greek Layer Dip

Looks delish. What will you be making?



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2 Responses to Perusing Pinterest: Awesome Super Bowl Appetizers

  1. thanks for including my popcorn mix & Greek dip! Love Hoboken – I live down the street in jersey city 🙂 so happy to have found your blog!

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