Pouring One Out for Jesse James in Hoboken

It’s a solemn day for Hoboken fashion enthusiasts.

I was so saddened to hear that Jesse James, a boutique that opened in 2006 in Hoboken, will be closing its doors. The boutique has long been a favorite of mine to frequent when I’m on a shopping tear…and also it’s on my Hoboken Bucket List.

I always loved their fun yet tasteful jewelry and adorable clothes. Heck, even their logo was kind of awesome. Vintage-inspired earrings and chic outfits must now be found elsewhere… sources such as the Hoboken Patch and Hoboken 411 say that they’re consolidating, and focusing on their other shop in Greenwich Village and online sales. Regardless, it will be missed! I’m definitely going to swing by this week to score some seasonal/closing sales – I hear an extra 25% off for the final hurrah!

I wonder what will take its place? If a little bigger of a space, I’d vote for a Trader Joes. Just a thought.


About Hoboken Girl

Just a brunette with straight hair, leather boots, and a Louis Vuitton...and a love for the Mile Square City.
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One Response to Pouring One Out for Jesse James in Hoboken

  1. Rory Chadwick says:

    Sad to see JJ go myself, always donating for local charity and a staple of the shopping community. I think they re gone because of lack of sales. Everyone retail in town is feeling a pinch. 75% of Hoboken residents do not shop local and there are 29 clothing stores in town to compete with. On another note Patch is hardly a source. Only things that are true on patch are things wrote by Alan Skontra. Everything else take with a grain of salt.
    JJ will be missed.

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