Carlo’s Bakery Cannoli and Biscotti Taste Test

So yesterday in the snow I had some friends over for a pancake party. Complete with mimosas of course!


After some mimosas and choc-banana ‘cakes, we ended up watching Cake Boss for my very first time. I thought it would be fitting to trek over and try out some treats for a dinner dessert later on….


We ended up taking home some cannolis and biscotti to taste test.



While I love a good cannoli here and there and I love supporting Hoboken locals (and I’ve heard Buddy is super nice), I must say that although very tasty, I was underwhelmed by them. I attribute it to what I call the ‘Movie Effect’ – (you know when several people you know rave about how great or funny a movie is, and then you watch it post-hype and are expecting it to be aaamazing, but it’s just ‘eh?’). Yeah. That is how I felt about the cannolis. Maybe it’s also because since Cake Boss began filming, the line out the door has been down the street, all the way past CVS. That always led me to believe it must be something delicious that was coveted inside. I have never tried Buddy’s cakes, but right now I feel just so so about the cannolis. Still, it makes me want to head down Washington and demand another pastry or cake to try…(as long as I get to skip the line) and ask, “Am I missing something?”

Maybe second time’s the charm?


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