How to Look Like a Hoboken Girl (January Edition)

So what does a “Hoboken” girl look like? Well, in the winter, when I discovered I had a lot of twins in Hoboken, I realized we all had several things in common:

First things first:

Down, fur-hooded jacket. A girl gets cold walking 12 blocks to the path! Yurman accessories.   Big sungies. Leather boots. A nice Marc Jacobs leather bag (or Louis Vuitton, my personal favorite). A snazzy Michelle watch or perhaps Michael Kors if you want a big face but for a much smaller price tag. And of course, don’t forget a scarf! I usually go with my signature Burberry scarf, but sometimes I like to add a touch of leopard. It must be the Jersey girl in me.
Hoboken girls, does this look seem familiar to you? Am I not alone? Anything I’m missing?


About Hoboken Girl

Just a brunette with straight hair, leather boots, and a Louis Vuitton...and a love for the Mile Square City.
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