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Hoboken Girl’s Guide to Weekend Events: Memorial Day Weekend Edition 2012

Alicia from Hoboken Townery is bringing you this weekend’s events – lots of great things to do in Hoboken if you’re sticking around (although it IS tempting to evacuate for MDW)…


1. Thursday night at Sinatra Park is a free Woody Guthrie Tribute Concert with a number of local and other musicians.


2. Sol Caribe, known for its Latin American fusion is offering SALSA LESSONS on Thursdays. For $15 you get a dance lesson + dinner. Located at 518 Washington Street, it’s a great little break on Thursdays at 8pm…that you should definitely check out. Dancer or not.


3. Tomorrow continues1 Fifty Five and Platform Boutiques’ MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND PACKING PARTY!

Jello shots, snacks. I’m sold.

Make sure you stop by, even if it’s on your way out of town!


4. Friday night at Wicked Wolf is cover band A True Story – true story.


5. Sunday night for those in town who are single and ready to mingleHoboken Speed Dating will take place at 3 Forty Grill starting at 6pm. For $40 Women 21 – 35, Men 23 – 38 can go on up to 15 dates in one night! It’s a great way to weed out all the shore man-whores while looking for the perfect match…because they’ll all still be in Squan/Belmar for MDW. But you didn’t hear that from me…

What will you be doing this weekend? Want your events included?

Comment below or tweet me: @hobokengirlblog

…And guess what?? Tomorrow’s Friiiiday 🙂

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Hoboken Girl’s Weekly Boutique Buzz: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

I’m very excited to announce that Bella Ro is joining Boutique BuzzWELCOME!

To get your boutique involved, email HobokenGirl @


Located at 521 Washington Street, Bella Ro is offering a fabulous deal on HOBOKEN GIRL – right in time for MDW!

*You must print this coupon and bring it in with you* to Bella Ro to ca$h in on the savings! Such a great deal.


Sweet Nicholas  has some gorgeous summer dresses from Dolce Vita & Charlie Jade, as well as these amazing silk shorts from Amanda Uprichard. (Available in solids & prints).

Perfect for Memorial day weekend! PS: Those tan legs are reminding me I need a spray tan STAT.


*AARAA is Offering a 15% Discount to Readers*

(…just mention Hoboken Girl when you visit the store!)

I was recently in Aaraa, and Neeta has some beautiful jewels to deck out your MDW outfits:

Make sure you head to AARAA to ca$h in on the Hoboken Girl Discount- 15% and get some glam and jewels! Just mention this post. Your wallet will thank you!


1 Fifty Five is a boutique which recently opened – and this week, in conjunction with Platform Boutique – it’s having a PACKING PARTY!

You’ll get a packing list:

I’m totes using this for my MDW trip packing tomorrow!

Jello shots and snacks will be served- as well as some fabulous fashion finds and 10% off both stores today (Wednesday) and Thursday!

Make sure to stop by 1 Fifty Five and Platform before you head to your MDW destination. Your closet and suitcase will thank you.



Platform is also showcasing some Rosegold Leo Wedges – perfect for MDW!

Stop by today and tomorrow for some packing tips, jello shots, and amazing deals!


Located at 509 Washington StreetIconic Fashion Lounge is unique in that it houses not only stylish women’s clothing (with brands such as Rebecca Minkoff and French Connection), but also men’s clothing (Seven for all Mankind jeans, etc). Check out my recent write-up HERE.

I’m loving this French Connection bathing suit cover up. I was in there recently, and there are so many great pieces for the beach – just in time for MDW!


Townhouse 620 is featuring some beachy-themed jewelry.

Loving the starfish! I’m in beach mode already.

And of course, accessories at Townhouse are always Buy One Get One 50% off!


Want your boutique or style events featured on


Tweet me: @Hobokengirlblog,

Or find me on Facebook.

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Liberty Humane Society – Setting the Record Straight. Plus, Introducing Manny.

Being a longtime supporter and advocate of the Liberty Humane Society, I just wanted to show my support for the LHS organization by clearing up the miscommunications about its animal outcomes. Liberty Humane Society is a shelter located in Jersey City that serves both JC and Hoboken. Weekly, I post on HobokenGirl about dogs and cats that are available for adoption from LHS.

It has been reported that the Liberty Humane Society only keeps dogs for 7 days and then kills them. This allegation is just plain FALSE.

Knowing several volunteers as well as being in contact with Liberty Humane Society on a weekly basis, I can personally vouch for the organization being kind, caring, and absolutely 100% committed to finding the best possible homes for each and every animal that is lucky enough to come through their shelter. They do not kill animals after 7 days. I repeat, they DO NOT kill animals after 7 days.

LHS sponsors and promotes numerous events to raise money for their shelter, and its volunteers actively promote pet adoption DAILY on both their Twitter and Facebook. Check out those pages and make sure to follow LHS!

Here is a video from a Hoboken town council meeting (thanks MSV for finding this) explaining the situation at LHS further. Check it out (also note, the girl speaking is not on camera) :

Since I’m on my soapbox already, I might as well promote a very special pup from LHS – a long time resident – further proving the point that LHS DOES NOT kill after 7 days of having an animal. Manny is an example of this.

Check out one of his loving volunteer’s story about him:

“I’m a volunteer with a shelter in northern New Jersey. Manny has become my project dog.  Manny will “celebrate” his one year anniversary with Liberty Humane Society this summer.  The good news is that he’s been at True Companion Dog Training the past four months and received a stellar education! He is well trained, fattened up and the HAPPIEST dog! I had hoped he might find a forever home in the wilderness but the bad news is that Manny is still searching for that special place. It is time for Manny to return to NJ

Manny needs to go to a foster home. He is such a good boy and deserves more…if anyone is interested in fostering him please call me and we will offer full training support. We were hoping by keeping him here we would be able to place him, but unfortunately we have been unsuccessful. We love him and if we did not have so many dogs currently would take him for our own. Give Manny a chance; you will not be disappointed.”

Here is a little more information about Manny:

Manny has been at the shelter since August. Check out his pet finder profile here, and make sure to consider a place for him in your home!


Manny at LHS:

Says Manny’s Volunteer Friend, Ines: I will transport him, I will help with food and supplies.  Short of fostering or adopting him myself, I will do anything for this dog.

To reach Manny’s favorite volunteer, please contact me and I’ll put you in touch with her:

…Thanks Hoboken!

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Hoboken Woman Fired for Being “Too Hot”

Now this news article just doesn’t make sense to me. Isn’t it usually the opposite that happens (ex: Abercrombie & Fitch’s legal battles), where you’re fired because you’re not hot enough? I kid. We won’t get into that.

Image via

It’s all over the news right now that Lauren Odes (of none other than) Hoboken, NJ was fired from a lingerie company called Native Intimates. She’s suing. This store is apparently based in NYC, and the accusations are less than flattering.

Odes states that her boss told her that she had to “tape down” her breasts because they were too large. She was also wearing a dress that the company deemed inappropriate, and so her boss offered her a red bathrobe to wear over it. Gotta love camera phones, since Lauren took a pic of herself in the bathroom with it on. Can’t argue with that evidence. Unless she was trying on a bathrobe for fun? I mean, she is in a lingerie store after all. But speaking of working and being IN a lingerie store, wouldn’t Native Intimates want their employees to be attractive and “sexy” if selling lingerie? I’m just thinking out loud here, but I’d rather buy my lacy undies from a girl who looks like she wears them herself, rather than my grandma. But, on the other side of the fence, I bet you that Ms. Odes wasn’t exactly looking like a school teacher…but I digress.

While Lauren was out buying a sweater to cover her cleav, she was texted that she was terminated. No reason why, so one can only assume because of her boobies.

Interesting story. Here’s a video to check it out further:

What are your thoughts about her case? Do you think she’ll win?

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Where Will You Be for Memorial Day Weekend? Informal Hoboken Girl Poll:

By now you’re probably starting to gear up for your three or four day weekend. Or, you’re excited to stay around Hooken, which becomes way less populated on MDW. There are definitely a variety of places you can go for MDW.

Be it Manasquan, Stone Harbor, Avalon, LBI, or Belmar… the Jersey Shore is a popular destination for Hobokenites. But how popular IS it?

I’m heading out of town but not to the shore, and I know many others are as well. To be honest, even though I’m leaving for this holiday, sometimes I also enjoy staying around Hoboken when everyone else leaves. A staycation, if you will. Don’t get me wrong- I love a DTS weekend now and then, but I also love not waiting in line for a table at Elysian or Court Street. Just sayin’.

So that’s why I’m doing an informal poll to hear where my Hoboken readers are going (or not).

I want to know…where will YOU be for MDW!?

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Hoboken Trivia Lineup: Week of May 21st

You might have noticed if you’re on Facebook or Twitter and follow Hoboken people, that our Hoboken bars are a little trivia happy during the week. Nothing wrong with that…but sometimes it CAN get a little confusing and tough to keep track of…with all the bars tweeting their events and posting on Facebook, etc.

So I’m going to put all of the trivia bars and dates in one spot for you for the week. Who, what, where, when,…all that type of stuff. Hope it helps.


Monday, May 21, 2012:

  • Willie McBrides, 616 Grand Street – 8pm
      • Goonies Trivia is going on this week! $2 Miller Lite specials that go on all day everyday. Duh.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012:

  • Tilted Kilt, 800 Jackson Street  – 7:30pm
      • Tilted Kilt’s weekly trivia features an “On This Day In History” round, a rapid-fire “Name Threes” round, and tons of prizes, including books, toys, free food, and drinks.**NEW**
  • Marty OBrien’s Social Club, 94 Bloomfield St – 8pm
      • Continuing the Seinfeld Trivia Tournament!
  • The Shannon, 106 First Street– 8:30pm
      • NTN Buzztime Trivia Tournament every Tuesday night @ 8:30. Win prizes like local gift certificates, seasonal products & much more! $2 Miller Lite Pints, $3 Yuengling Pints & Weekly bottle & shot specials.
  • Mikie Squared, 616 Washington Street – 8:30pm
      • Every Tuesday there is Trivia Night! $5 special martinis, $3 select pints, 1/2 price well drinks from 11pm to close.
  • Four L’s, 208 Washington Street -8pm
      • Swing by for 5 rounds of trivia and awesome drink/food specials…such as $5 apps $2 millers $3 Heineken & Newcastle. 
  • Village Pourhouse, 205 First Street – 7:30pm
      • Taco Tuesday & Trivia Night, which means you get a free taco with every drink purchase! $3 Sauza Blue Tequila Shots, $20 Corona Buckets (Includes 6), Shot Wheel Spun Every Hour

Wednesday, May 23, 2012:

  • Wicked Wolf – 120 Sinatra Drive – 8:30pm
      • Come to one of the most popular nights at the wolf! They have Bud Light & Red Hook specials AND 2 for 1 burgers from 7-close. Every Wednesday tons of prizes are given away, including Yankees tickets, authentic jerseys, gift cards, grills, kegerators and even iPad 3’s!

  • Marty OBrien’s Social Club, 94 Bloomfield St 8pm

      • Trivia A.D.’s first ever Anchorman Trivia. The perfect setting to ponder why the human torch was denied a bank loan, whether it’s a soft “j” in jogging, or just how Baxter ate a whole wheel of cheese, and most of all prove that you are wise… like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair.
      • Call 201.420.9222 to make your reservations — 60% of the time it works, every time. Miss Anchorman Trivia, and you’ll be in a glass case of emotion.


Did I miss YOUR bar’s trivia? Tweet me @hobokengirlblog or email: and let me know – I’ll add it to the post!

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